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GoMg Server Rules / Re: COD4 AWE4 Server Rules
« Last post by 67Marine on June 28, 2014, 01:07:26 PM »
GoMg Server Rules / COD4 AWE4 Server Rules
« Last post by DreadBone on June 28, 2014, 12:12:12 AM »
If you have played in any of our servers you know the rules, but if not here they are.

1. When playing objective based game types, always go for the objective.
2. Do not Bunny Hop or Dolphin Dive.
3. Please refrain from uses foul language, we may have younger players in server.
4. Do not use Last Stand or Marty.
5. Show ALL players respect, Tagged or otherwise.

Remember this is supposed to be fun, an escape. Act as such and we all win.
Rules of the House / The Rules
« Last post by 67Marine on August 07, 2011, 04:51:25 PM »
Please do not Advertise, post SPAM or post rude/crude/pornographic materials on this forum. 

Doing so, will get you immediately banned.  A notice will also be provided to your Internet Provider for any actions they may wish to take...

1.. Please do not abuse other members, guests or Admin's.  That behavior could be cause for a PermBan from the site....

2.. No Rude, crude or otherwise unacceptable UserID's.  The use of profanity is unacceptable in posts/messages....

3.. Guests will not be allowed to post anywhere, if you want to post, REGISTER and then post responsibly to your heart's content....

4.. We don't intend this to be a drama club and a sense of humor would be much appreciated....

5.. Play Fair and have fun...  To clarify, since this is a games oriented clan and we are members/proponents of the anti-cheat community, anyone who is Banned by a recognized anti-cheat organization (i.e. PBBans, VAC Bans, AON Bans, etc.) will be banned from these forums and game servers until such time that they can show those game bans have been lifted.  VAC Bans are permanent and you have no recourse other than buying a particular game again and starting a new STEAM account; however that does not lift the ban here.  Sorry if that seems cruel or unjust, just the way it is; only tagged clan members have the right to request a policy change on this and put it to a vote.


Were do we want this clan to go?

Subject to update - for current click here

1. How big - I believe we should remain a close knit group of "brothers'" that maintain our beliefs in community first and games second.  If we grow with new members that support our foundation of "fair-play", Then that would be outstanding.  Posting on the Forum and staying in touch on Vent are the two biggest assets we have going forward.  Vent is useful in game play but it is understood that it can be a hindrance to others in certain games, with that being the case for some then a quick "how goes it guys, I'm gonna join you in game but will be turning Vent down or off" is understandable.

2.  Recruits - I believe any registered member, of any age, who desires to be tagged should approach a tagged member that they have the most contact with , either in game or on the boards.  That tagged member should either "sponsor" that member or find a suitable sponsor for that recruit.  The recruit's sponsor should walk them through a 30 day "get to know" process and then after that time request a 7 day up or down vote, if they are still around.  At any time during that process, should the recruit have any situation that requires his absence, can reapply for tags at a later date, without prejudice...  The same is true if turned down, (after a 60 day cool-down period)...  NO arbitrary assigning of tags should be made by any member, not even an Admin, IMHO.  "Fast tracking" any candidate should only be done on rare occasions after being approved through a vote by tagged members.  The recruit should review the rules as posted.  Obviously, if they are registered they already have met certain requirements, such as "No Rude, Crude, Obscene Names", etc...

3.  Officers - As a grumpy old man I have an aversion to almost any power structure.  To me a sponsor is about all we need, we already have Admin's, Moderators and a Games Master, enough said by me on that subject. 

4. Competition - We should always remember we are not a competitive clan, but do not object to any of our members forming a competitive group under the =GoMg= tags to play against other clans.  The only proviso being that those members have to realize that they are representing our clan and should represent us in the best light possible.  ANY member that has been banned by a recognized, official anti-cheat entity, such as PunkBuster or VAC will not be eligible to wear tags or play on =GoMg= game servers.  A decision, in house, by tagged members will be made as to any downgrade in Forum membership, up to and including a ban....

5 - Character - All recruits must know we are a brotherhood without regard to ethnicity.  At no time are Racist comments or actions tolerable here.    No illicit activity is to be conducted on these boards.  We do not disrespect anyone who has 420 in their username or use of drugs, just don't flaunt it here or attempt to offer for sale - you will be gone.  Also, keep the drama down to a minimum - have a sense of humor and don't harass other members or Admin's.  There will always be a little of this, but lets get over it.

6 - Money - This clan should never be a pay-to-join issue.  Members ability to donate should always be a personal choice and determined by that member alone as to their ability to donate.  We should never be in a situation where a member can BUY tags.  Anyone donating should be appreciated, regardless of amount or frequency.  I appreciate you guys for the donations you are able to make, and I appreciate those members that are not in a position to donate, but supports the clan by posting and staying current with the clan - staying in touch and remaining an active member, supporting each other in their times of need, even if that support is only able to be moral or emotional.  Showing empathy with a member who is undergoing strife, can sometimes be more important than money, IMHO.  The Admin will attempt to keep  a "financials post" on the Forum.  These financials will be kept as current as is reasonably possible, considering the time required.

7 - Membership - All members, whether tagged or not, are worthy of respect.  Don't "blast" a poster just because they are not tagged - if you disagree with their post, post a reasonable and polite response as to why you disagree - or - if that post is totally unacceptable to this clan due to profanity or disparagement of other members - report the post (see report block at bottom of each post)...  Respect is a two way street here and needs to be treated as such.  If someone feels the urge to pretty much say anything to the effect "Fuck all you old farts, I'm quitting" - show a little class and just post your concerns politely and leave, if you have to.  People will hold you in a lot higher esteem....  Please give it a lot of thought before you leave and be sure you are not overreacting to a particular situation...  All members are responsible for reading and abiding by the rules on the forum and in the game server(s)

Any and all members may request tags - see item 2.  Recruits above for tagging info...

I had a bunch more really cool and sage stuff, but it's all gone from the memory bank.  And it was all well written , too...  LOL  If I remember, I will add, but it won't be as pretty as the original...
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